Apex Legends - October 7, 2020

after months of nothing, every thing happens in apex legends

After months of waiting, Pathfinder mains were excited to try out his new and improved grapple in Apex Legends. But, it turns out that it wasn’t actually much of an improvement Pathfinder’s grapple previously had a much shorter cooldown, only 15 seconds. This meant that he could go quicker.his was eventually deemed too strong, and the cooldown was increased to 35 secands that meant he was down in popularity quick.                 Now Pathfinder’s grapple cooldown now depends on how far the player grapples.                                                  Shortest 10s and then the longest as being 35s. 

Apex Legends Pathfinder Class Guide – Abilities, Tips ... 


after being promised a few months back, cross-play is finally coming to Apex Legends in beta form. One major title that didn’t have the feature for the longest time, though, was Apex Legends. Fortunately, in June 2020, during EA Play, the developers announced that this would be changing and that cross-platform support would be coming to the battle royale game in the near future.First, it’s only releasing as a beta, for the After market colletion. This is so Respawn can test all the features before implementing it fully, along with the Steam and Switch release. For now, cross-play is only between PS4, Xbox One, and Origin.


How to add friends on other platform is quite easy just make sure crossplay is enabled on settings 

Apex Crossplay settings
Respawn Entertainmentnext apex post in this up coming weekend

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