Apex Legends - November 5, 2020

Apex legends season 7 battle pass out now

tiers 1-10

Tiers 11-22

Tiers 23-33

Tiers 34-45

Tiers 46-58

Tiers 59-69

Tiers 70-80

Tiers 81-92

Tiers 93-110

93-98 tiers in Apex Legends

Battle Pass skins and weapon wraps

Apex Legends Battle Pass skins
Respawn Entertainment

Here’s some of the Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass skins.

On top of that, there’s also new things to buy as part of the update. These can be seen below and well as the prices for each.

Apex Legends

New sprays and skydive emotes

One of the more interesting changes to come this season is merely a cosmetic one, really, as the Season 7 patch will introduce new ways to spray and dive.

This was seen in the main Battle Pass trailer, though here’s a reminder of how it looks in-game for each.

Apex Legends sprays and skydives
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends sprays and skydives are changing to mark our arrival at Olympus.

Free rewards

As well as those tiers of rewards, new sprays, skins and skydive emotes will be a small set of free bonuses too. These include a new Wraith skin, five Apex Legends packs, and a Season 7 win tracker that can be used by all legends.

Apex Legends free rewards
Respawn Entertainment

These things can be claimed in Season 7.

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