Apex Legends - Tips & Tricks - June 24, 2020

Apex Pro Tips

I know that apex

is a new game for top usa games

know for the the epic tips.Mirage (Apex Legends) Image #2534133 - Zerochan Anime ...

Tip 10 is if you noob, you should use wraith, life line, Loba then octane.

Tip 9 is Loba’s black Market power can steal one thing from the vault .

Tip 8 is before playing a real mach always 5 min of the firing range.

Apex Legends Patch Waves Goodbye to Gibraltoad | Digital ...Tip 7 is not many people know is that if you throw a grenade at a Crpto on your team, the robot can have a weapon that is epic if you want to see this go on youtube backofmyJANKz.

Tip 6 is r.99 are there terrible guns

Tip 5 is heavy ammo is a better  than light ammo for the aiming bit

Tip 4 is octane has some hidden powers like when does his stim in caustics gas trap he goes super fast when no one else does and it’s the same with bangalores main power.

Tip 3 is life line’s drone can heal downed team mates.

Tip 2 is never go in a fight with a normal Shield  and if they have a purple shield.

Tip 1 go to backofmyJANKz, ninga, Shroud, Dizzy and that’s all thank you!

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