News, Updates - October 15, 2020

The biggest Fall Guys Season 2 changes

1. There are new levels

fall guys season 2

Of course, one of the biggest and most exciting changes for Fall Guys Season 2 is the arrival of new fall guys level , to expand the existing roster beyond the Slime Climbs and See Saws that we all love (or hate). Wall Guys promises complete chaos as players try to build steps to climb up the arena

2. Fresh costumes have arrived

Fall Guys Season 2 Night Fever levels revealed and seem ...

A whole new wardrobe of Medieval outfits, emotes, and more are up for grabs, so you can dress up your jelly bean to match the Middle Ages theme surrounding them in Fall Guys Season 2. There’s another set of 40 items to unlock by progressing through Episodes and levelling up.

3. You can customise your nameplate

An extra customisation option has been added for Fall Guys Season 2, under a new ‘Interface’ section. Here you can add a banner to go around your name with an icon and matching background, as well as choose a nickname to be displayed such as “Cool Bean”, “Big Yeeted”, and “Sir Hugs A Lot” – new banners and nicknames can be unlocked through season progress or bought in the Shop, and there will also be some special names added for players who contribute significantly to the Fall Guys community, so watch this space.

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