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among us

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Among Us is a multiplayer game where you must identify and expose an imposter/murderer amongst the players. Admittedly, the concept is quite simple and akin to a murder mystery game. Last time, I reviewed The Henry Stickmin Collection, another excellent game made by InnerSloth. Who also made this game! So I’ve come to expect good things out of this. I had heard about this game for a while but never got around to playing it. Now that I’ve spent a couple of days with this game, I can say that I get why people like it!

Among Us on Steam

The game again, has a simple premise but it it doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun. The game allows you to have a private server for friends or join public games. Personally, I had more fun playing with my friends and public games were a bit less fun. Still, I had fun with it. The gameplay is a bit more complex than the Henry Stickmin Collection. You can have up to ten players, one of which is the imposter, who will go around and kill people while trying not to get detected. While this is going on, players must complete tasks and try not to get killed while also investigating other players behavior. When you find a dead body, you can report it and talk about it with players and try to determine who did it. Players have a vote option in these meetings to choose who they think is the murderer. Which can end up being the imposter or someone innocent. Imposters can also trigger random events which force players to do tasks. It might sound complicated, but it is a really fun party game.

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