Fortnite: Battle Royale - Tips & Tricks - October 28, 2018

Effective Range for Weapon Type Differs

Effective Range for Weapon Type Differs

There are different effective ranges per weapon types. Switching weapons properly depending on combat range is a key to Vicrtory Royale!

Sample of Weapon Features

Weapon Traits
AssaultRifle Recommended for beginners. High damage and high fire-rate. Also, useful both in short to mid range
Sniper Rifle Essential long range weapon.Only 1 shot per shooting but damage is high when you hit an enemy. Careful when using scope as your view will be narrowed down.

Each Weapon Has a Rarity!

There are 5 rarities in maximum and they are visualized by 5 colors. Gray-Green-Blue-Purple-Orange. As you can see, stats for Rare rarity is better than common!

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