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How To Move Like A Monkey To Run Quickly in Gorilla Tag

Running like a primate has never been more entertaining or immersive than in Gorilla Tag, the hugely popular VR game that asks players to embrace their inner simian. Learning how to run in Gorilla Tag is essential for dominating the game, and this article aims to give you all the tips and info you need. With practice, you can achieve top speed and outmaneuver opponents using these techniques and become the fastest monkey in the jungle!

Gorilla Tag provides a truly one-of-a-kind locomotion method – all you need are your hands and arms to run, climb, and jump. However, mastering this unique form of VR mobility can be challenging. This guide is packed with tips and tricks to help learn how to run in Gorilla Tag and outpace other gorillas, all while navigating the different game modes with finesse.

How To Run In Gorilla Tag

Techniques for Arm Movement

There are several different methods of running in Gorilla Tag, and you can achieve a good top speed with them all. You should try each of them as you are likely to find one that works better for you than the others.

Long Swings – The best technique for beginners to use is to use long, rhythmic arm swings. Reach one arm out in front as far as you can, touch the ground, and then pull back, in a motion that is parallel to the ground. As you move forward, reach out with your other arm and do the same thing. Focus on making as much forward-to-backward arm movement as possible to pull yourself forward.

Don’t try to move your arms too quickly, but try to ensure your hands move parallel to the ground. This will prevent you from bouncing up off the ground, meaning you have to wait to come down before your next stride, slowing you down.

Bear in mind that when you touch the ground, your hand will stick to the surface for about half a second, so the key is to make contact, and then pull yourself along the ground while your hand has traction with the surface. If your timing is a little off, it will make a big difference to your movement speed, so take your time and practice this important technique as much as you can.

Rapid Arm Movements – Once you understand the importance of moving your hands parallel with the ground after contact, you may wish to transition to faster arm movements. Some people like to keep their arms out in front, making small circular movements with each hand, perpendicular to your body. This can sometimes be quicker than longer arm movements, but only if you avoid bouncing off the ground excessively. Remember that you are trying to make contact with the ground with each swing and then pull yourself forward with quick movements parallel to the surface.

Side Arms – The other way to run in Gorilla Tag that I like is to keep both arms out to one side of your body and use the same small circular movements with each hand, parallel to the direction you are moving. Keeping your arms out to the side of your body helps you move them faster and also helps you transition from forward to lateral movement much more easily.

The timing of your arm movements is critical if you want to learn how to run in Gorilla Tag effectively. Using rhythmic motions with your arms, and timing each stroke to begin just as you finish the last one makes all the difference. Once you master one of the basic techniques listed above, spend plenty of time just running around the ground trying to move faster and more smoothly.

The first signs of progress will be that you can move fast for a short period, but then you’ll misjudge an arm swing, dramatically slowing you down. Focus on adjusting to the gradient of the ground, matching your swings so that your arm movement is always as close to parallel with the ground as possible.

Once you master these basic techniques to run fast in Gorilla Tag, you can try some of the more advanced techniques demonstrated in the video below.

Remain low to the ground.

If you want to run fast in Gorilla Tag, you must learn to stay low to the ground. You’re trying to pull yourself along the ground rather than move as you would run in real life. Pay attention to how you move, and if you bounce up with each arm movement, slow things down and focus on your technique. Once you get the basic technique for moving along the ground, you can slowly work on building up your speed.

Boost the Refresh Rate

Playing Gorilla Tag on higher refresh rate headsets like 80Hz or 90Hz makes running much easier. Higher refresh rates reduce hand stickiness which can slow arm movement. At lower refresh rates like 60Hz, hands cling more to each surface, limiting how quickly you can swing your arms. Boost your headset’s refresh rate as high as possible for lightning-fast motion.

Gorilla Tag Extended Arms Handles

Alongside perfect technique, one of the best ways to move faster in Gorilla Tag is to have longer arms so you can reach further with each swing. If you aren’t able to make your arms grow any longer, you could consider getting some extender handles for your controllers to give you more reach.

Combining Jumps in the Gorilla Tag

Once you have mastered the art of running along the ground without bouncing into the air, you can practice adding short jumps where it makes sense, to get over obstacles, or to get from one platform to another without losing your momentum. All you need to do is manage the length of your strides so you can start your next swing exactly where you want, and then push down as you swing to launch yourself into the air.

The downward force and distance of your swing will determine how far and high you jump, and one of the key skills in traversing the Gorilla Tag maps effectively is to learn how to jump the perfect distance to get you across a gap and land exactly where you want.

Practice using jumps on the ground but pick a take-off and landing spot and repeat this again and again to improve your accuracy, without losing momentum.

Flick Your Wrists

The speed of your controller movements will dictate how fast you move across the map, so using rapid wrist flicks at the start or end of your arm swings can significantly increase your velocity across the map. This tends to work better for me when using rapid arm movements or side arms to move and has a less pronounced impact when using longer swings.

The timing of wrist flicks is critical when trying to improve your running speed, so you will need to spend some time getting your timing just right to learn how to run fast in Gorilla Tag. You may have customized your monkey to look awesome, but it’s going to take a bit of practice to make your monkey move as good as it looks.

Smooth Turning In Gorilla Tag

Whilst sharp turns and direction changes can be hugely effective for wrongfooting anyone chasing you, if you want to maximize your speed, you should avoid making sudden changes in direction. Instead, make wide, arcing runs and pick the line of your movement in advance so you can get to your destination without having to change direction quickly.

Lean gently into the new trajectory, and steer your torso around the turn. Time sideways arm swings to keep the momentum flowing in the curve. You should be making long, smooth drifts rather than sudden 90-degree turns if you want to maximize your speed in Gorilla Tag.

Spot your exit point before reaching the turn. Shift weight in that direction and let your inside shoulder lead you around the curve. Allow turns to unravel slowly rather than whipping your body around. The calmer your movements, the faster you’ll exit the turn.

How To Run In Gorilla Tag

Scan Terrain Strategically

Plan routes by scanning terrain ahead and choosing ideal lines. Look for straight wall edges and curved architecture to run along. Use wide columns or poles as pivoting push-off points when changing direction. Avoid dense areas of clutter that require excessive corrections.

Visualize your route before moving. Pick smooth terrain with few sharp turns. Scan for usable slopes and features to propel you. Anticipate how you’ll navigate the space.

During play, continually scan ahead while running. Move intentionally based on what’s coming up, not just reacting. This helps maintain optimal speed and flow.

Ride Downhill Terrain

Use downward slopes, stairs, and angles to pick up speed. When landing on a downhill slope, you can essentially jump off it at an angle to accelerate your horizontal movement. Time arm pumps and jumps to maximize acceleration as you traverse the map.

You’ll need to look ahead of you and time your strides to maximize your use of beneficial terrain. You want to ensure you match the angle of your arm swings with the incline of the slope you land on to ensure you don’t unintentionally bounce into the air, losing forward momentum.

Master Controlled Skids

Learn to harness slides and skids to rapidly shed speed when needed. Lightly graze one or both hands along the ground to scrub momentum quickly. This allows precise targeting of landings, or faking out pursuers with sudden stops. Controlled skidding takes practice.

Start by walking and dragging one palm across the floor to gently slow movement. Once comfortable, try quick light brushes when running fast to shave off speed.

With both hands, you can brake harder. But avoid digging in too sharply which may cause you to fall over. Gentle sustained contact with the ground is key.


While mastering how to run fast in Gorilla Tag takes dedication, these tips will help build your speed and skills. Fine-tune arm drive, jumping, and wrist flicking to optimize form. Streamline your body, and harness terrain. With practice, you’ll reach top velocities and outpace any opponent in this fast-paced VR game. Stick with it and soon you’ll be the fastest monkey in the jungle!

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