Mounted Turret Overview

Mounted Turret – Stationary Gun

Mounted Turret

Keep enemies from approaching with the Mounted Turret! Make sure to keep an eye out for overheating so you don’t end up a sitting duck!

Mounted Turret Summary

Mounted Turret Cropped

Release Date November, Week 2
Slot TBC
Where to Find TBC
Stack (Pick Up) TBC
Max Stack TBC
Features Deployable stationary gun.
Damage (Players) TBC
Damage (Buildings) TBC
Magazine TBC
Reload TBC

Mounted Turret Traits

Mounted Turret Can Be Placed

Based on the teaser description, we can expect the Mounted Turret to be either an item similar to the Port-A-Fort or a trap since it can be “placed”.

High Rate Of Fire

The Mounted Turret is able to provide suppressive fire so this means that it has a high rate of fire – possibly rivaling even that of the Minigun.

Mounted Turret Can Overheat

Firing for an extended period of time will cause the Mounted Turret to overheat and disabling it until it has cooled down.

Mounted Turret Techniques & Tips

Use in Squad Modes

Given that the Mounted Turret will be stationary, it’s essential to have players watching your back to avoid getting ambushed from your blind side.

Deploy Behind Hard Cover

Make sure that you have hard cover made of stone or metal on your blindsides to prevent sudden sniper attacks. This will also to buy you time to react or escape.

Defend Forts During End Game

The Mounted Turret will be most useful when you have the high ground advantage during end game. Use it to take down enemies who attempt to climb us to attack you.


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