Best fortnite season

worst to best

Welcome to ranking every season of fortnite ever

13th place is season x because of mecks and putting every season before that together.

12th place is season 1 chapter 2  because who likes boats and theres a let down in the battle pass but one thing good came from it a new map.

11th place is season 9 because it was the future and is was to crazy and odd.

10th place has to be season 1 don’t get me wrong it was first season but  the map had so muck in the open and there was no battle pass but it did give us a short movie for every item that was new.

Now it gets hard

9th place is season 3 because quite random but you do get john wick skin

8th place season 8 is because there was a forest, a volcano, a city a ice castle and finally a race track

7th place season 2 is because it was the first season with a battle pass that was amazing and it some of best weapons

6th place is the season of today is because it has a annoying sharks that can kill you and they got rid of a pump shot gun but then it is one of the maps i have seen.

5th place season 5 because it was the first live a vent

4th is season 7 it had brought the ice, snow and Christmas and elf from the movie

3rd is season 6 because of halloween and kevin the cube

2nd is season 2 chapter 2 because it had vaults with epic loot, mythic guns that were epic. a masive epic dead pool boat, finally the only live event with voices

1st is season 4 because it had the best map and battle pass


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