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Season 6 – Week 9 – Secret Battle Star Location

Hey guys, welcome to this guide on how to find the Fortnite Season 6 Secret Battle Star of week 9 challenges, this guide is very basic and it will help you acquire the Battle Pass Tiers from the “Hunting Party” challenges.

So this week, we obviously have an actual hidden Secret Battle Star, so the challenges this week aren’t too bad, there’s a lot of explosion challenges this week, so remember to hit the vending machines if you’re looking for something in particular.

Once you complete all of the challenges for week nine, you get this loading screen, and it’s called Remembrance, and it says in the calm after the storm, even flowers can bloom.

Now when we zoom in, in the middle left, you can see a barbecue grill with the faint outline of the secret Battle Star, and once again, this is in leaky Lake, and you can see AIM creeping in the background on our two wild west heroes.

Go to leaky Lake once again to find this secret Battle Star, so you need to find this barbecue grill to find the star, here is the precise location:

Here is the grill, and as you can see we’ve got a lovely secret battle start right here on this grill:

Well guys that’s all about it, this is your guide for finding the Fortnite Season 6 Secret Battle Star of week 9 challenges, take a minute and check all our other guides for more Fortnite secret battle stars locations.

Thank you for reading and happy Thanksgiving !

See ya !

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