New Fortnite Item: Dynamite – Stats & Strategies in battle

Hey guys, welcome to this guide about Weapon Stats & Strategies for the new Dynamite in Fortnite. Read here to find information about the damage(DPS), rarity, & reviews for Dynamite.

Take down enemy structures with ease using Dynamite! Find out just how devastating the structural damage it deals in our feature below. we included as well some tips to help get the most out of using this new weapon.

Basic Info about Dynamites

Dynamite icon

Weapon Type Throwable
Where to Find On Floor, Chests,Supply Llamas,
Supply Drops, Vending Machine
Stack(max) 3(10)
70 / 800

Highly Effective Against Structures

At 800 damage to structures, the Dynamite can easily take down even metal structures.

Detonates in 5 seconds

The long fuse burn time of the Dynamite makes careful planning necessary when using it as enemies will have time to run away when they see it thrown their way.

Dynamite Tips

Use When Enemies Are Hiding In Buildings

Take away cover advantage by using dynamite to destroy it, and maybe even get an easy elimination if enemies get caught in the blast.

Use During Building Battles

Turn the tables on enemies during building battles by using Dynamite. Destroy the foundation and watch their structure fall.

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