Fortnite starter pack and new PS Plus exclusive Battle Royale bonuses leaked

Previous Fortnite starter packs include the Rogue Agent starter pack, released in March, and the Wingman starter pack released in June.

The Fortnite starter packs cost £3.99 in the UK and comes with an outfit, back bling as well as 600 V Bucks.

Elsewhere leaked files in Fortnite update 5.30 appear to show new items that could be exclusive for PlayStation Plus members.

In June the Fortnite Battle Royale PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack 2 was released.

It is the second Fortnite pack exclusive to PlayStation Plus members and brought with it


the Blue Striker outfit and back bling.

And new assets appear to show more PlayStation themed content heading to Battle Royale.

The Fortnite files showed a new pickaxe, glider and skydiving trail in classic PlayStation colours.

The leaked pickaxe is black with a blue lightning bolt on top.

While the leaked glider is white, blue and has a smiley face on top with googly eyes.

Finally, the leaked skydiving trail is mainly blue but has orange, green, blue and purple blocks appearing on it.

It’s unclear when these leaked Fortnite cosmetics will launch, and whether it will be additions to the existing PS Plus set or part of a brand new one.

The Fortnite PlayStation cosmetics were again leaked by TwoEpicBuddies.

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