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10 Tips For The Counselors – Friday The 13th Game

The Friday The 13th: The Game has finally released allowing players to recreate their favorite 80s slasher movie moments. In this title, players are either tasked with playing as a scared camp counselor or the powerful masked killer Jason Vorhees. The majority of your time will be spent running through the woods and various cabins trying to avoid or escape their gruesome fate. However, this is far easier said than done as the counselors are not really able to kill Jason outside of a single complex method.

Here are 10 Friday the 13th tips for the game if you’re a counselor:

1. Know Your Gear


While this might seem like an obvious concept, there are a lot of items in Friday The 13th: The Game that are scattered throughout the various campsites. Each of these objects are vital to your survival, as many of them can get you out of a tricky situation if Jason is talking you in the dark. Here is the list of items in Friday The 13th: The Game and what they do:

  • Pocketknife: One-time use item that briefly stuns Jason if he grabs you.
  • Healing Spray: Restores a portion of a counselor’s health and allows them to run again if injured.
  • Firecrackers: Thrown in front of Jason, the firecrackers will briefly stun him if he’s close. Remember, this will only work on certain variations of Jason such as the ax-wielding one.
  • Flaregun: This weapon can either be fired into the air for survivors to see or shot at Jason to temporarily stun him if he’s hit.
  • Shotgun: This is a one use item that allows for players to stun or even knock him over.
  • Melee Weapons: Your main items for dealing damage and stunning Jason.
  • Radio: Allows for players to communicate with each other even when they’re not within voice proximity.
  • MapA map that shows the roads, cabins, vehicles, escape routes, and other counselor locations.
  • Fuse: Used to repair a fusebox and allow for players to call the cops.
  • Propeller: A part used to repair the escape boat.
  • Keys: Used to drive and escape via one of the two different types of cars.
  • Battery: A part used to repair the car
  • Fuel: A part used to repair either the car or the boat.

Remember, all items are one-time use only with the exception of melee weapons,  radio, and map. There are perks you can unlock to change this, however, the default is that almost every item will be used up upon activation.

2. Don’t Wander into the Woods

Exploring the woods, especially alone, in Friday The 13th: The Game is basically asking to get killed by Jason. This is mainly because counselors deplete stamina quickly when running and it’s very easy to find yourself out of ammo, unarmed, and unable to run. The woods offer no place to quickly duck into and catch your breath, meaning that Jason will have an even easier time catching up to you. Try to avoid going out into the forest unless you are forced to or if you need to quickly hide from Jason if he’s stalking a large group.

3. Avoid Big Groups and Move in Pairs

The main way that Jason will find counselors is via the sound they give off while running, exploring, or skulking through the campgrounds. This means that the more people around the easier it will be for him to find and ultimately kill everyone. While there is some safety in numbers, we recommend moving in pairs or at most a group of three. This allows enough manpower to fight back against Jason and escape without drawing too much attention. Plus, it helps to have more than one person to carry the various vehicle parts scattered about.

4. Learn to Improvise

There are a lot of ways to escape and survive in Friday The 13th: The Game, however, it’s rare that any sort of plan will actually pan out without an issue. Wanting to escape via the boat is fine, but sometimes you will spawn in an area where there are literally no parts to this vehicle. It’s important to not have tunnel vision when trying to elude Jason, as opportunities will constantly present themselves. Being able to think on the fly and weigh the risks/rewards of each choice is incredibly important. Remember you need to outsmart the Jason player, not simply outplay him.

5. Jason Can Hear You Talk

One of the most common mistakes I see when playing Friday The 13th is that people will normally say too much when Jason is around them. If you are escorting someone with the keys or final piece to repairing a vehicle and get grabbed don’t yell out about it. Letting the Jason player know that person is making a break for the car because it’s fixed will only cause them to teleport either in front of near that vehicle. This will not only doom you, but the people who are trying to escape which can cause some serious headaches. If you are with a group of friends consider coming up with a code word for the car and boat, that way the Jason player won’t know what you’re talking about if he’s listening in. The less information you can give Jason the better and easier it will be for you.

6. You Can’t Save Everyone

Another big problem I see new players make is that when they repair a car they don’t just get in and leave. While it’s fine if you want to wait for a group that’s very close by, don’t feel obligated to try and help everyone. If you are being chased by Jason while in the car don’t try to take a detour to save someone. This will often get both you and the people you’re trying to help killed since Jason can immobilize the car or pull the driver out of the window. Also, if you are running away from Jason and someone behind you runs out of stamina, unless you have fireworks, a flare gun, or a shotgun there is very little you can do to stop that person from being killed. Sometimes you have to ditch the dead weight if you want to survive the night.

7. Learn to Kite Jason

Eventually, you will be either alone or the last person alive and will need to escape Jason pursuing you. One of the best ways to deal with Jason is to kite (or to keep an enemy chasing you) him around a few houses. Given Jason has a very limited supply or traps and items, his only real way to finish off players is by closing the distance. Since Jason can only enter a building via a door, you can keep him busy by jumping in and out of windows. While this isn’t a full proof tactic, being able to constantly make the Jason player run around the building to get inside can eat away at the time. If you need to stall him while a car is being repaired or before the cops arrive this is a wonderful way to do it. Who knows, sometimes the Jason player will just get frustrated and go hunt for someone else instead.

8. Pick High Speed or Stamina Counselors*

In Friday The 13th: The Game there are 10 different counselors you can pick from each with their own pros and cons. Two of these stats are stamina (how long you can run) and speed (how fast you can move), both of which are perhaps more vital to a player’s survival than any other. Many of the other statuses such as Repair and Luck are more situational, so picking counselors that can out run this stalker in a chase is vital. The three best at this are Vanessa, Tiffany, and Brandon as they all boast high stamina and moderately good speed stats. However, if you are looking for someone who’s well rounded consider grabbing Kenny instead since all of his stats are 5/10.

9. Focus on Well Rounded Perks

There are a lot of perks in Friday The 13th: The Game, however, only some of them are really useful compared to others. Perks you will want to focus on obtaining either start you with key items like a Radio or decrease Jason’s effectiveness against you. Some perks simply increase how fast you move in the water or how quickly you can start a car, which all sounds great at face value. Yet, it’s exceedingly rare that these specific perks will really help in most games. Since you can only hold three stat boosts, try to maximize their general effectiveness regardless of which counselor you play.

10. Buy Perks, Not Kills

It can be tempting to spend Friday The 13th: The Game’s in-game currency on fancy and flashy kills for your favorite version of Jason. However, this can get really pricey given some of the kills can cost upwards of 1,500 to 2,000 points. Rolling for perks is a much better use if your funds, as you will have a chance every time to get Epic rarity perks. These are the best in the game and almost always have 0 downsides to equipping them. Until you have a suite of three or five that you really like, try holding off on buying Jason related items.

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