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Fortnite Challenge – Skydive Through 20 Floating Rings – Week 7

Hey guys, welcome to this guide for Season 6 Week 7 challenge, this guide is very basic and it will help you complete the challenge: (Skydive Through 20 Floating Rings), it includes tips, screenshots and information about the floating rings and how to go through them in order to win this challenge.

Skydive Through Floating Rings – week 7

Challenge Skydive Through 20 Floating Rings
From Season 6 Week 7

Note: the Battle Pass is required in order to participate in this Challenge.

Once you get out from the Battle Bus try to focus on the floating rings within the sky. dive through the middle of the rings to finish this challenge.

Floating Rings Challenge Info

Floating Rings

Floating rings are all over the sky therefore it is easy to identify and aim for them. While you’re in the Bus, you will instantly see them within the sky. Make sure that you are jumping at an appropriate time and regulate your descent to go through the rings on your way down.

There are three varieties of floating rings and four elevations within the sky.

Pink Floating Rings

Pink Floating Rings

Those rings are situated highest within the sky and can usually be the primary one you go through as you are diving straight down.

Blue Floating Rings

Blue Floating Rings

Those rings are situated at a lower altitude compared to the pink ones and could be accessible when you pass through the pink rings.

Green Floating Rings

Green Floating Rings

These rings are situated nearest to the ground and can be your last rings to go through before you get to the ground.

Once you pass through a ring it will disappear, you will solely get one chance per battle to go through the floating rings. just in case you did not manage to meet up with any ring on your way down, you’ll got to attempt again within the next battle.

Pass Through four Rings Before Landing:

Since the floating rings are at four completely different heights, you should aim to meet up with four rings on your way to the ground to finish the challenge among at least five matches.


Regulate your position by re-deploying your glider

It’s best to meet up with the rings once you are directly over them therefore regulate your position within the air by using your glider and dive straight down once you are directly over a ring.

Well guys that’s all about it, this is your guide for completing week 7 challenge “Skydive Through 20 Floating Rings”, take a minute and check all our other guides for more Fortnite challenges.

Thank you for reading and have a great day !

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