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Fortnite Challenge – Search 7 Ammo Boxes In A Single Match – Week 7

Hey guys, welcome to this guide for Season 6 Week 7 challenge, this guide is very basic and it will help you complete the challenge, it includes tips and screenshots of all locations!

Search Ammo Boxes Challenge – week 7

Challenge Search 7 Ammo Boxes In A Single Match
From Season 6 Week 7

Note: you don’t need a Battle Pass in order To finish this challenge

Recommended zones where to find ammo boxes

First of all, try to prearrange the searching for ammo boxes early in the game in order to complete this challenge very quickly! It is best to settle on begin your search far-off from the Battle bus direction to avoid getting eliminated.

All zones where you could search for ammo boxes:

While looking out. we’ve got five counseled search routes to simply complete this challenge.

Search 7 Ammo Boxes In A Single Match

Zone 1 Snobby Shores – Recommended
Zone 2 Junk Junction – Haunted Hills
Zone 3 Greasy Grove – Soccer Field
Zone 4 Lucky Landing – Dance Club and Flush Factory
Zone 5 Gas station – Pueblo and Junkyard

There is twenty one potential ammunition Box spawn locations in the map, we found that Snobby Shores offers you the most effective chance of finding all the ammo boxes and finishing the challenge in a very single spot!

Here are some tips To help you find Ammo Boxes

We all know that Chests in fortnite can be found and located by hearing a twinkling sound, unfortunately ammo boxes in Fortnite do not make any sound so you have to really search for them. so Knowing wherever they generally spawn will facilitate locating them quicker. here are bellow all the places and corner where you could find some ammo boxes.

You can find ammo boxes on top off shelves

Ammo Boxes are usually found on top of shelves, thus remember to look up!

You can find them below the stairs

When speeding to travel from one floor to another you could easily miss an ammo box, so remember to check bellow stairs while moving.

You can find them below the pitched roof of a house

Although most garrets could have a chest on them, these additionally could contain ammo boxes. so be in the look out of these.

Ammo boxes can also be found in basements

Most of Basements below the ground floor could normally have chests however they’ll also hold ammo boxes. remember to check here too.

Well guys that’s all about it, this is your guide for completing week 7 challenge “Search 7 Ammo Boxes In A Single Match”, take a minute and check all our other guides for more Fortnite challenges.

Thank you for reading and have a great day !

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