Fortnite Skins - How to - December 14, 2018

Fortnite Season 7 – POWDER – How To Get – Skin Review, Images

POWDER – Skin Showcase

POWDER – Full Length Portrait Image

Front Image


Back Image


POWDER – Skin Details & How to Get

Icon Rarity How to Get
POWDER Icon [Unlocked at Season 7 Battle Pass Tier 47]

Skin Review – POWDER

POWDER is the name, and carving mountains is her game! Bring your A-Game and conquer the mountain and competition!

TRAIL TOTE – Back Bling Showcase


TRAIL TOTE – Back Bling Skin Details

Icon Rarity How to get
TRAIL TOTE Icon [Unlocked at Season 7 Free Pass Tier 22]

Skin Review – TRAIL TOTE

Never leave home without this trusty backpack! Ready to tote all of the essentials!

POWDER – Set Pickaxe

This skin set does not include this item as a part of the set.

POWDER – Set Glider

ROYALE AIR – Glider Showcase


ROYALE AIR – Skin Details & How to Get

Icon Rarity How to get
ROYALE AIR Icon [Unlocked at Season 7 Free Tier 30]

Skin Review – ROYALE AIR

Catch some serious air with this glider! Mad respect not included.

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