Fortnite: Battle Royale - Tips & Tricks - September 6, 2018

11 Tips To Be The Last One Standing In Fortnite and Winning The Game

Fortnite: Battle Royale is the free-to-play sensation of the moment, drafting off the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by beating that game to console with a similar 100 person Battle Royale mode that drops players on a big island map and asks them to kill each other until there’s only one left. It is a game in which, more than likely, you’re not going to win. That’s the nature of the beast when you’ve got 100 players and only one winner. You’ll have a tough time getting to the top, and there will be a bit of luck involved. Still, there are some things you can do to ease things along and give you the best chance at success. What follows will be pretty familiar to PUBG players, even if this game is a little different.

Choose A Landing Zone : This is the first decision you make in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and it sets the tone for an entire match. Every player starts on the Battle Bus and then jumps out and glides to their eventual landing spot. And if you want to win, you’re best off picking a relatively unpopulated area. Large structures and settlements are going to be crawling with players, and you’ll have no real way of controlling whether you become one of the lucky ones that make it out. I usually try to find a nice place with a hut or two towards the edge of the map, and if I see another player running around I’ll do my best to just glide right on out of there. Early game combat is a major headache. Just try to get a few weapons and make your way to the safe zone. If you’re in the safe zone, stay put.

Unless you want a little chaos! Some of us do want a little chaos, after all. In that case, jump out of the bus as soon as possible as head to the middle of the nearest big settlement. See what happens.

Wear Headphones: Fortnite makes use of directional audio that tries to let you know in what direction something is happening, whether that means gunshots, an enemy player, construction, etc. This is a huge piece of information to have if you’re looking to avoid someone sneaking up on you, or if you’re trying to sneak up on someone else. I’ve found you’ll have the easiest time making it work with headphones, for obvious reasons. I suppose if you had a nice, working surround system, that would work even better. But for most of us, a pair of headphones is going to be your best bet for getting as much as possible out of the audio.

The directional audio is by no means perfect, and Epic says that this is a major priority for improvement as development continues. However, wearing headphones and paying attention to the direction the sound is coming from can still give you valuable information about where enemies are. Use it to decide whether to engage, run, or hide.

Short Game, Long Game: There’s also, you know, the middle game, but that sort of explains itself. You’re going to want to think about how you’re going to be engaging in any situation, and have the best weapon for success at any distance. A shotgun is useless at long range, a sniper rifle just as busted at short range. So if you’re spending time in open fields or in a structure that looks over a good portion of the map, try to have a sniper rifle ready to handle threats before they become threats. If you’re sneaking around in structures or trying to scope out a new camping spot, a shotgun will help you best respond to quick, close-range threats. Trying to get your hands on both of these weapons as early as possible will help you to ensure you don’t get caught in a situation that you can’t respond to.

Assault Rifles are the go-to weapon if you’re thinking about the midrange, but I find you spend most of the game either at distance or close-quarters. Most mid-range combat ends with someone running away.

Normal, Green, Blue, Purple: Weapons come in rarity types that increase in power. So look at the stars beneath any weapons you pick up: they increase in power from regular to green to blue to purple.

Basic Pistols Are Terrible: If you have a standard pistol, you basically don’t have a weapon.

Look For Chests: Every once in a while you’ll hear a sort of grand shiny sound effect, with a light tinkling. Follow this sound effect, and you’ll come to a treasure chest stocked with weapons. You may have to build some stairs though.

Keep Moving: There are two basic ways to play this game. The first is to stick around the edges of the playable area, fighting people as they make their way in and just generally participating in a higher-activity game. You’ll wind up with a decent selection of weapons and power-ups this way. The other is the way I’d recommend. Pick a spot close to the center of the playable area, and then just sit there. If the area focuses in on somewhere you didn’t expect, go towards the center of that. The goal is to spend as little time as possible moving by trying to anticipate where the endgame playable area will be, and then trying to sit close to that. There will be fewer players there than there will be in a little bit, so it’s best to stake your territory out early.

Shield Potions Are Hugely Important: If you see a blue orb-looking thing, grab it. It’s likely a shield potion, which will increase the maximum amount of damage you can take up to another 100 points. If you can last twice as long as an opponent in a given shootout, you’ll probably win.

L1 Is crouch: I do not feel this is the most commonly used button for crouch.

Build, But Build SparinglyFortnite’s biggest differentiation form PUBGis how you can build structures to help you defend positions. Knowing how to do this is a big part of the game, but not as big as you think: a well-timed shot will still take you right out, and any wall you build can be taken down with some well-timed explosives. On top of that, building basically puts a big flashing red light over your structure, particularly in the late game: here’s an enemy, it says. That matters in a game where catching a player unaware usually determines who wins a given encounter.

So be cautious about how you use this system: gather your resources in the early game, far away from other players if possible. Mining is a loud endeavor and will give you right away if anyone hears it. When you do get to building, work with the structures that are already in place rather than building entirely new ones. Always think about a few things: how people might enter, where you might be able to surprise them, and how people might thwart your scheme. And know that if you build in the wrong place for where the eye of the storm ends up, you may just have to get up and move.

Be Patient : This is the big one. The same as PUBG, Fortnite rewards players that exercise caution. This applies in nearly every situation. If you find yourself towards the center of the eye of the storm, get some weapons wait it out in a safe spot with an easily monitored entrance for as long as you can. If you’re outside the storm, don’t feel like you need to run to the center any earlier than you have to, and have a plan in place when you move. You might be tempted to bounce around to avert boredom, and that is a legitimate tactic if that’s your goal. If your goal is to win, however, a defensive strategy works much better than an offensive one. You might finish an entire match with only one or two kills, but that’s the game.

You need to have the right weapons for the job — ideally a shotgun and either an assault rifle or sniper rifle — but once you’ve got those, extreme caution is just going to make everything easier. Don’t go anywhere you don’t have to.

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