Racing Games - Tips & Tricks - September 3, 2018

9 Tips For The Perfect Ride : Forza Motorsport 7

1. How to get off to a good start

Make sure you know your car – that’s the main important aspect to getting a good start. If you can tune your gears to have a launch gear specifically, that can be a huge advantage too. You want to avoid hitting the rev limiter as you launch since that can stall some cars when running manual with clutch. If you’re having stalling issues, try pressing your clutch button a few times fast as you’re launching.

2. Don’t rely on braking lines

There are lots of spots where the braking line will lie to you, so you can never rely on it exactly. If I have the braking line on, I use it as a guide, just as I would a marker board on the side of the track. It’s not usually perfect but it’s a solid reference point especially when surrounded by traffic.

3. Think about your exit when braking

You should always brake with your exit in mind. The faster your exit, the faster you will be around the track. Some corners require you to brake earlier in order to have a prime exit but others take some alternative strategies such as double-apexing.

4. How to keep up your speed on the bends

There are a few main ways to keep your speed up on corners. If you’re having issues with stability, try balancing the throttle around 20-40% to keep your car in check without losing much cornering ability. Other than that, coasting with a wide entry is normally what Forza prefers. When coasting, your tyres only have to focus on cornering, allowing for the most speed around the corner as possible, which means you’re able to get on the gas earlier.

5. The best overtaking technique is…

I always like overtaking under braking if possible. Passing under braking is generally the safest way to attack another racer. I’ve always loved the over-under move, though, when someone tries to out brake you and ends up sliding wide. I still believe that there’s nothing more satisfying than an outside pass though, especially around corners where the inside line is dominant.

6. Learn how to drive different cars easily

Types of cars can feel extremely different but if you separate them into engine position and drive train style, you can learn each group easier. Take front-wheel drive and front engine cars as an example – if you learn some of the slower versions of these cars, you can slowly move up to faster versions because they feel similar, just a bit more wild.

7. Which car should you drive?

I would suggest driving cars that you enjoy. With the new homologation system in Forza Motorsport 7, most cars within each division should be fairly even. There will be some outliers but if you’ve got used to a certain car and have a tune that suits your style, you’ll be competitive no matter what.

8. Tune your car

Tuning can be a huge advantage to help your cars suit your driving style. If you don’t know how to tune, I’d suggest searching the forums or YouTube for some open source tunes. Find some you like and see what the tuner did with them, then try to modify them to see what each setting does. From there, apply the tune to a new car and try to adjust it.

If you’re not interested in learning to tune, find a few tuners who have cars that suit your driving style and look for them when you go to load a tune.

9. Don’t be afraid to lose

The way lots of the best players got to where they are now is by racing with people faster than them and learning that way. They took lots of losses but have become the best because of it.

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