Fortnite Challenges - Tips & Tricks - October 28, 2018

Battle Pass, Challenges & Rewards

Battle Pass Provides More Unlockable Contents

The Fortnite Battle Pass is a purchasable in-game system costing 950 V-Bucks. Having a Battle Pass unlocks more game content – challenges, XP Boosts, & cosmetic rewards like skins, emotes, & more!

Level Up Battle Pass Tiers For More Rewards

If you have a Battle Pass, you’re given access to “Battle Pass Tiers” which require 10 Battle Stars per level. The more you advance your Tiers, the more rewards you unlock!

Completing Challenges & Getting Rewards

Challenges are unique in-game quests to complete for more Battle Stars or XP, making it easier to level up Battle Tier faster. Having a Battle Pass unlocks 4 extra challenges that players can complete. Challenges and rewards change per season!

Weekly Challenges & Rewards Example

Weekly challenges in Fortnite give rewards such as Battle Stars and XP! Finishing 4 of each week’s challenge will give you more XP!

Daily Challenges & Rewards Example

Aside from weekly challenges, players get a daily challenge that they can accomplish! This also gives Battle Star & XP rewards! If you’ve already reached Battle Pass Tier 100, you get 1,000 XP instead!

Secret Challenges & Rewards Example

By fully completing weekly challenges, you will receive additional loading screens where you can find hints about hidden battle stars in the game!

Unlock Unique Battle Pass Rewards

You can also unlock different cosmetic rewards such as skins, emotes, sprays, dances, and more through Battle Pass purchase and challenges!

Season 5 Battle Pass Skins Examples


Complete The Drift Challenge Starting from Tier 1 of the Battle Pass


Complete The Ragnarok Challenge from Tier 100 of the Battle Pass

There are more Battle Pass skins you can unlock! Play more and collect them all!

XP Boost Bonus Are Available

After reaching certain tiers, your personal or friend XP boost can be enabled. With this, you can get to tier 100 and higher levels easier.

Skins, Cosmetics & Item Shop

Equip Skins To Change Your Look!

“Skins” are cosmetic items that alter the appearance of the player character. This is the only way players can change the way their character looks in Fortnite.

4 Aspects to Change Your Appearance!

Skin Pickaxe

Enjoy Uniqueness!

Collect materials!

Glider Emotes / Dances

Enjoy a safe landing!

Animate your avatars!

Skins Are Purely Cosmetic

Note that skins do not provide any game play advantages and are merely for cosmetic purposes.

Cosmetic Items Also Available In Shop

You buy Character, Pickaxes, and Gliders skins and Emotes in your game’s Item Shop. However, these are purely cosmetic and do not affect your game progress and game play.

Other Tips to Enhance Your Gameplay

Play Together With Friends!

Add Friends to Team Up & Play Together

Friends can help show you the ropes of Fortnite. It’s also reassuring to have someone you trust watching your back.

Use Voice Chat for Better Teamwork

In Fortnite, voice chat is possible across most platforms except with PS4 Players. the PS Voice Chat cannot be heard on other Platforms.

Explore the Game Modes & Mechanics

Regular Game Modes: Your Standard Rules

These game modes form the core of Fortnite game play and are permanently available to play.

Regular Game Modes

Game Mode Feature
Solo You need to survive alone. Avoid unnecessary combat when possible.
Duos Work with another player and be the last pair standing!
Squads Create a strategy with your squad to outlast other squads!

Playing with teammates makes it easier for beginners to learn basic moves and skills in Fortnite. We recommend playing in Squads or Duos with friends to get your bearing in Fortnite!

Limited Time Modes Adds Context and Variety!

These game modes are only playable for a limited time so enjoy them while you can! Game play in these unique game modes changes depending on the theme, so read up about them before participating in a match!

Playground Mode Is Great For Practice!

Play and practice in this LTM! With abundant weapons, bullets, and building materials and a very slow Storm, enjoy practicing building and combat solo or with a squad!

Customize Your Controls for Easier Use

In Fortnite, many keys are used and customizing your key binding can give you an edge. Use keybinds that makes it easier for you to select items or building items that you need.

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