Fortnite: Battle Royale - Tips & Tricks - October 28, 2018

Building Skills Are Essential

Building is a mechanic unique to the game in Fortnite. It can be used for both movement, and combat in the game. It is also regarded to be as important as combat in the game.

Build For Defense And Mobility

Being able to build structures in the game allows you to become more versatile on the battlefield. Sometimes, building can be used to aid you in combat, while other times, it helps you move around faster around the map!

Know What You Can Build

Below is a table for the four different base structures you can use! Remember that a structure needs to be connected or else it will collapse!

Base Building Structures Table

Structure What It Looks Like

You Need Materials To Build

Note that building a single unit of any structure in the table above, consumes ten resources. Remember to gather as much materials as you can so you can build without the danger of running out of materials.

Edit Buildings For Your Convenience

Editing buildings can help you further customize your structures for your convenience! You can add windows to walls to give you a line of sight for enemies, or edit a door for a sneaky exit!

Building Can Aid You In Combat

Imagine yourself exploring the map, and the next thing you know, you’re suddenly being shot at. You can use buildings to help you out in this situation!

Building Walls Provide Quick Cover

By building a wall in front of your enemy, it will give you a few seconds to catch your breath and think of a way on how you plan to approach this encounter!

The Pros Of Using A Wall

Building a wall buys you some precious time to think of your next move since the enemy will need to break down your wall before they can start shooting at you again!

The Cons Of Using A Wall

Structures can only take so much damage before breaking. Some materials take more time to build structures, but can also absorb more damage!

Add Stairs To Improve Your Defense

By adding stairs in front of your wall, you now have a slight height advantage over your enemy! This increases your chances of getting a headshot if you decide to fight back, and makes it harder for the enemy to hit you.

Use Buildings To Traverse Terrains

Sometimes, a straight line is the fastest way from “Point A” to “Point B”. However, there may be instances when an obstacle is blocking your way. Instead of going around, you can build to get to the high ground faster!

Build Stairs To Get To Higher Places

Building stairs can allow you to get to higher places more quickly. You can turn on Turbo Building to build your stairs faster and get to your destination quickly!

The Pros Of Using Stairs

Using stairs to get to higher places saves you some precious time especially when trying to run away from the Storm. When you need to get to places quickly, consider building your way there!

The Cons Of Using Stairs

Creating structures does have its downsides. It may attract the attention of nearby enemies who see you building your structure. Another con for this is that your stair structure can easily collapse if its base gets destroyed.

Build Your Own Vantage Point!

By creating the high ground, you can get to higher places and cover yourself from enemies who have noticed and are now trying to shoot you down!

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