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Hit a Player With A Tomato Challenge – Season 6 – Week 3

In this guide you’ll learn how to complete the “Hit a Player With a Tomato 15m Away or More” Challenge for Fornite Battle Royale Season 6 Week 3 !

Hit Players With A Tomato

Tomato Challenge – Summary

Details Hit a Player With A Tomato 15m Away Or More
Released On Season 6 Week 3

Practice your long-range tomato throwing skills to complete this challenge. Bean a player with a tomato from at least 15m away to complete this challenge!

Battle Pass Required to Complete

You need the Season 6 Battle Pass to access and complete this challenge.

Unlock the Tomato at Battle Pass Tier 28

Fortnite Tomato Toy

Complete challenges and gain levels to earn enough Battle Stars to unlock the Tomato. Add the toy to your Emotes Menu via the Locker to be able to use it!

How to Throw the Tomato

Step 1: Aim At Your Target

Tomato Challenge - aim at target


Make sure that your target is in sight before you use the Tomato emote as this will automatically throw it!

Step 2: Use The Tomato Emote

Tomato Challenge - Select Tomato Emote

Selecting the Tomato in your Emotes will throw it in the direction of your target.

Step 3: Check The Distance

Tomato Challenge - Check throw distance

A successful hit will show how far the throw was. If it’s less than 15m, get further away and try again!

Tips to Help You Complete The Tomato Challenge

Assign A Key-bind To The Tomato Emote

Keybind Tomato Emote

Assigning the Tomato to a key-bind will allow you to throw it much faster compared to opening the Emote menu and manually selecting it.

Try Completing On Spawn Island

Tomato Challenge Completing On Spawn Island

If you load into the match early, try hitting other players while on Spawn Island to complete the challenge before getting on the Battle Bus!

Get To High Ground to Gain Distance

Tomato Challenge - Get to High Ground

It’s harder to complete this challenge when you and your target are both on level ground. Increase the distance by taking the higher ground.

Play With A Friend

Since the challenge only requires hitting a player, better to have a willing target to help you complete the challenge!

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