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6 Great Tips For League Of Legends

6. Help your Laner Push Before a Back

After the enemies recall or die, it’s very important to push the wave into the turret to deny any potential experience and gold.

It might seem like this is a jungle and AD Carry exclusive job, but it’s actually the support’s job too!

5. During Skirmishes Don’t Stop Auto Attacking

As a support player you’d actually be surprised how much damage your auto attack does throughout a fight. Make sure you aren’t stopping the follow of auto attacks even if your abilities are all on cooldown.

Also make sure to tank any detrimental attacks that may be coming your AD Carry’s way, even if you’re a squishy support like Janna or Lulu, unless you are going to die.

4. Follow the Enemy Support

Similar to a jungler, sometimes it’s important to follow up with a counter gank if you’re aware of the enemy support roaming to another lane. If you can’t get there in time, consider trying to kill the solo AD carry instead on bot lane.

3. Ward According to the Situation

Always be aware of the situation you’re put into and ward accordingly.

If you lose your blue side turret, make sure to drop a ward around Red buff so you don’t die to a flanking jungler and so you can keep control of your buff.

If you are pushing a lead consider warding deep in their jungle instead for potential invades.

Pink ward Dragons and Barons for securing free objectives.

There is a plethora of situations where warding is appropriate. Over time you’ll learn more situations where warding is beneficial.

2. Don’t Play for KDA

Although having a good Kill Death Assist ratio can be important, it’s actually more important to play in a sacrificial way a majority of the time. Always be willing to trade your life for an enemy carry pick, to save a teammate who may have better wave clear then you do, or just to give your hyper carry an extra kill.

This doesn’t mean you should intentionally feed, but at least don’t worry to much about your KDA as long as you win the game.

1. Protect Your Tri-Wards Early Game

There has been so many times that as a support main I’ve earned a free kill off of a greedy overextended enemy trying to kill my wards. Based on the position on the minion wave, follow these guidelines for a proper follow up:

If the enemy support player is attempting to clear the tri-ward and the minion wave is pushed towards THEIR turret, try to set up a kill on the overextended player with your AD carry. Their AD carry will be stuck behind minions farming.

If the support player is attempting to clear the tri-ward with the minion wave is in a neutral position, try to land free harass to discourage the clear. If they over commit, try to kill them.
If the support player is attempting to clear the tri-ward with the minion wave pushed towards YOUR turret, let them kill it. Their AD carry is there and you could get baited into overextending.
If their jungler is attempting to clear your tri-ward try to signal your jungler for a counter gank. If your jungler isn’t around, let them kill it.

Take note that some of these guidelines require some level of teamwork with your AD carry. If you ever find yourself taking to much of a risk, especially when working with someone uncooperative or because you are way too behind, just drop the ward and let it die.

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