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Need For Speed Payback- The Beginner’s Guide

Since Need for Speed Payback has joined EA Access and Origin Access, members can venture out on the roads, mountain trails and deserts of Fortune Valley at any time. New children are expected to walk on the streets of the city.

Do you play for the first time? No problem, we are here to help you. If driving has no more secrets for you, if you discover the game or even if you have never touched a gear lever of your life, we will guide you in your first steps. Read these tips for beginners, and meet you at the tee.

Customize your first car

You are dying to create the perfect car. It’s normal. It’s good, there are not the opportunities that are missing: in Need for Speed Payback, (almost) everything is planned to earn you spare parts, either by first winning cash in the race, or by finding in the desert.

It all starts with the purchase of a concession vehicle or parts in a spare parts store. Not all stores offer the same thing, visit each of them if you are looking for a specific piece. These parts will be stored in your garage. There, with all your parts, you can work the mechanics and the bodywork of your cars. Make yourself comfortable because you will have so much fun that the hours may scroll without you noticing.

Look for wreckage parts

Of all the cars in the game, wrecks are the most “customizable”. To create a little gem rescued from the case, this is exactly what you need. But such a wonder, it deserves: the pieces of wreckage are scattered all over Fortune Valley, and you will have to find the five pieces of a given project before you can assemble it.

Nothing requires you to take possession of all these pieces right away, but always make sure to spot them. Once you have found your first wrecker frame, you will be able to advance your project and get clues that lead to the other pieces.

Find the perfect training ground

There are five classes of cars in Need for Speed Payback (Race, Drift, Off-road, Drag and Mission). They all have at least one ideal playground at Fortune Valley. The off-road, it’s happening in the Liberty desert. Mountain drift is at Silver Canyon and Mont-Providence. The deserted highways are ideal for drag, and it’s the streets of Silver Rock that lend themselves to pure and hard racing.

And Mission cars? Those, you can train with everywhere. It is enough that there are cops to be sown.

Watch for the appearance of bait boxes

Exactly, if you find that the cops do not care enough about you, it’s a great way to get their attention. The Fortune Valley police have a habit of not intervening if they see completely normal and not at all suspicious cases, but if you grab their contents, they will chase you immediately. The problem for these officers is that if you sow them, the precious booty is back to you once and for all.

Just like wreckage, there are bait boxes everywhere in Fortune Valley. In other words, open your eyes while crisscrossing the city. This method allows new players to win coins that they can not afford, or enjoy a piece they did not plan to install but that could well give a different character to the car.

Beat Nomadic Pilots in Solo Campaign

Street leagues rule the Fortune Valley races. If you aim for the summits, your route will cross very quickly theirs. There are (non-playable) drivers from each league all over the map. All you have to do is roll right behind them to challenge them in the form of a race.

By beating all nomadic pilots in a given league, you’ll unlock a race that will pit you against his boss, and you’ll have to beat all the bosses to compete in the ultimate Silver Rock race. When you have shown these nomadic pilots that you are better than them, continue your climb by further improving your driving and making your car more efficient.

Go on a ride in AllDrive

AllDrive is the free exploration mode of Need for Speed Payback. You can meet your friends and build a crew to bring terror to Fortune Valley. The reward for all this personalization work is when you can finally expose your masterpiece.

For example, join Hangout sessions to participate in makeshift gatherings, explore the map together, and immortalize those moments by taking group photos. Starting June 19, you can create your own Speed Races and challenge your friends to determine who is the best rider on the band.

Put your skills to the test in Speedlists

You have aligned the kilometers with your friends? That’s good, but you will also have to compete with tough competitors. Speedlists are multiplayer competitions that pit you against other drivers on a variety of courses and at events that are equally challenging. The more races you win, the more you progress. That said, be careful because you will go down in case of defeat.

By participating in a Speedlist, you win cash and the REP which will help you reach the next level and you can also win Mechanical Parts after the last event. Even if having to face as many opponents can be intimidating, do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with these events quickly and take full advantage of these rewards.

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