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Top Ridiculous Ways to Win at Fortnite

There’s winning at Fortnite, and then there’s winning at Fortnite. With so many wacky tools of destruction available, the best Fortnite players have become experts at taking out their opponents with style and serving up humiliating deaths.

Epic Games’ creativity and willingness to break the action up with new weapons means that have been any number of new ridiculous ways to win a Fortnite match throughout the game’s short history. So if you’re tired of winning matches the old fashioned way, take a look at some of Fortnite’s zaniest winning moves. feel free to give you feedback in the comment section for the ones you think are just ridiculous enough to work.

Destroy A Stairway To Heaven

What goes up must come down. While building a Stairway to Heaven can be an effective way to win, it’s fragile and susceptible to even more ridiculous strategies, namely any player who has explosives. There are endless video clips of players taking out multiple squads by firing a single rocket, and it’s oddly satisfying to see massive structures crumble with so little effort.

All the hard work and elbow grease put into building a towering ramp to hide on can disintegrate in comical fashion when faced with combustibles. On the other side, taking out another player by toppling their structure with a well-placed rocket and watching them plummet to Earth is hilarious. Again, it’s not the flashiest winning move, but it remains one of the funniest ways to win a match because of how little effort it requires.

Cover A Shopping Cart In Explosives

The shopping cart is one of the more recent additions to Fortnite, but players are already taking full advantage of this ridiculous addition to the game’s arsenal. There are “Cart Only” win compilations popping up all over the internet featuring players popping off headshots from the cart’s basket and rocket propelled shopping carts flying across the map.

The best way to win with a shopping cart: Strap some C4 on to one, wheel it towards your enemy, and jump off at the last minute. It doesn’t always work, but when it does it really works. It’s a total mom move and one of the most viscerally satisfying ways to win a match. Plus, c’mon, it’s an exploding shopping cart!

Ride A Rocket

Sometimes Epic Games’ creativity gets the better of them, and the guided missile launcher was one of those times. Players quickly used the guided missile launcher to effectively break Fortnite, forcing Epic to take the weapon out of the game. But using the guided missile launcher in the right way remains one of the more ridiculous ways to win.

Sure, you could launch a rocket and hit your opponent on the other side of the safe zone to win, but where’s the fun and style in that? Instead, Fortnite players figured out that if you timed it right, you could jump on a rocket and ride it like an explosive pony to your enemy. Now that’s style. Plus, even if you lose to a move like that, you have to take off your hat (or headphones) out of respect for the player who pulled it off.

Build A Stairway To Heaven

“Stairway to Heaven” isn’t just an overplayed Led Zeppelin song; it’s a legitimate strategy that Fortnite players have been using for a while. Taking full advantage of Fortnite’s building mechanics, ambitious players have taken to landing and immediately building the world’s biggest ramp in order to get above the fray.

It’s not one of the flashiest ways to win, but that’s exactly why it’s so ridiculous. Using this strategy all but guarantees you won’t encounter another player, and can even result in a bullet-free victory royale. Think of it as the Fortnite equivalent of a pacifist run. Bury your head in the sand and wait it out.

Launch Yourself With An Impact Grenade

Unlike PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite is a very acrobatic game. While the jump pad and glider allow players to pull off crazy moves, what do you do if you don’t have a jump pad? Luckily impact grenades, while not designed as a means of transportion, will do the trick.

If thrown right, an impact grenade can launch you all the way to your enemy or launch your enemy out from behind cover. Even the safety of a fort won’t protect them. It’s a tough maneuver to pull off but if you’re successful you’ll leave your enemy wondering what just happened.

Lure Your Enemy Onto A Jump Pad Trap

Warning: This Fortnite strategy is absolutely insane. The idea is to build a hollow tower full of traps with a jump pad at the bottom that will launch your enemy up into a vertical death gauntlet. If you aren’t killed while building this tower of traps, chances are high you’ll get killed luring your enemy into it. The payoff is worth all the effort. It requires hitman levels of work and planning to pull off but the Saw-style death of your opponent is something to savor.

Create A Disco Death Trap

The difference between a good and a great Fortnite player is building. If you can build quickly, effectively, and, most importantly, creatively, bravo! You’re probably better off than more than half of Fortnite players you’ll face.

Case and point: the boogie bomb death trap. The boogie bomb, an explosive that unleashes a hypnotizing rhythm that forces your enemy to dance, is one of the more absurd weapons in Fortnite. Combine one with a hastily constructed set of walls and traps and you have a victory royale on your hands. Watching your enemy dance, unable to pull out a weapon, as you build walls around them and set down traps is serial killer cruel but way too ridiculous and fun to pass up.

Snipe Your Enemy From Point Blank Range

It’s not easy to sneak up behind an enemy in Fortnite, but if you do the possibilities are endless. Finding yourself next to your unsuspecting last remaining opponent can be overwhelming. Don’t overthink it. Just pop off a quick point blank sniper shot. This is one of the most disrespectful ways to win a match (in the best possible way), but also one of the funniest especially if your enemy sees you. The situation can quickly escalate into total chaos and become an absurd battle between a close range sniper and a bewildered opponent.

Pull A Mary Poppins

Skins are a big part of Fortnite, but you can customize more than just your character. There are a number of skins for your trusty paraglider too, and recently Epic took a page out of the Mary Poppins playbook and released an umbrella skin for the glider.

It’s a fun little nod to a classic British story, but the end result is a bunch of shotgun-toting English nannies flying through the sky. There are very few things as absurd as gently gliding down behind your last remaining enemy with an umbrella before pulling out a high powered rifle and ripping them to shreds. Yelling, “I’m Mary Poppins, ya’ll!” is optional but highly recommended.

Become Thanos

When Epic Games unleashed Thanos in Fortnite, the Avengers: Infinity War tie-in was another example of the company’s willingness to completely upend the game. Dropping the Infinity Gauntlet into Fortnite was the equivalent of dropping a nuke onto the battlefield and asking soldiers to fight over it.

Becoming Thanos was a power trip, literally, since he had access to the Power Gem, a weapon could just decimate enemies left and right. The Mad Titan might have left Tilted Towers, but he remains one of the more outrageous and over the top ways to win in a game that has no shortage of craziness.

Wait It Out In The Storm

The Storm remains Fortnite’s biggest killer. It has an unbeatable K/D ratio. Usually it’s better to avoid it, but if you’re clever — well stocked with health items — hiding out in the Storm is a great way to win. Stockpile a ridiculous amount of bandages and med kits and settle in for a match composed solely of managing your steadily dwindling health.

This strategy will frustrate your enemies to no end, especially if you’re playing in Fortnite’s 50v50 mode. Provided you’re patient and well stocked, you can easily beat an entire enemy team with this strategy.

Disrespect Your Enemy With An Emote

Fortnite is full of emotes that players (and World Cup champions) love to pull out at a moment’s notice. The various dances and actions are a fun way to interact with strangers before a match, but in the heat of battle emotes become a giant middle finger pointed right at your enemy’s face. Nothing is more disrespectful or ridiculous than emoting before blowing away your final opponent and securing a victory. It can go horribly wrong, but that’s part of what makes this so winningly ridiculous. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. Is it fun? Absolutely.

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