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Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 Secret Banner Location

Hey guys, welcome to this guide on how to find the Fortnite Season 6 Secret Banner of week 2 challenges, this guide is very basic and it will help you acquire the Secret Banner Tier from the “Hunting Party” challenges.

So if you haven’t caught on yet, we’re on a weekly rotation between a secret star and a secret banner, and unfortunately week 2 is just the banner, still though, it’s worth getting since it’ll help you unlock a secret loading screen at the end of this season.

Now as per usual you have to complete all seven of the week 2 challenges in order for this to show up, in addition, you must have all the challenges from week 1 completed as well.

So once you complete all seven of these week 2 challenges, you’ll get the week two hunting party loading screen, it’s called Wailing Wolves and its description says “Fireflies provide just enough distraction for an ambush”

Now if we zoom-in on the trees, we can see a very revealing clue on where the secret banner is, there is a chariot along with an arrow indicating that it is on top of it, well this chariot should be very familiar to most of you, you’ll find it north-western of Paradise Palms.

This chariot can give you over 40 wood for destroying it, so be sure to take the easy material once you collected the banner, there is also a chest spawn on top of the chariot more often than not.

Here is the exact location on your mini-map, just north of Paradise Palms major city area:

Well guys that’s all about it, this is your guide for finding the Fortnite Season 6 Secret Banner of week 2 challenges, take a minute and check all our other guides for more Fortnite secret battle tiers locations.

Thank you for reading and have a great day !

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